Ethereal Pre-Terminated Speaker Cable 5M Pair

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Ethereal Pre-Terminated Speaker Cable 5M Pair

This high quality speaker cable gives your speakers the signal they deserve. The Ethereal speaker lines are terminated in 24K gold for lossless connectivity, and are supported with a lifetime warranty. Ascend to new realms if sound quality and enhanced home theater experience with Ethereal high  quality - high performance audio cables. Ethereal home theatre cables are designed and precision manufactured to provide the maximum improvement in sound quality. Every cable is tested in laboratory and home setting to ensure highest levels of performance are achieved. Ethereal cables are also colour coded and include moulded grips for easy identification and handling. The cable has excellent noise rejection, frequency response, dynamic range all in an easily hidden braided black cotton jacket.

Experience the most out of your speakers. Buy these cables and uncover their true potential!

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