Marshall Major II Wired On-Ear Headphones

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Marshall Major II Wired On-Ear Headphones.

Great value headphones. No frills, just performance. Major II is the next chapter in the revolutionary history of Marshall. This modern go-to classic has been re-engineered for a cleaner more refined design, while the silhouette stays true to its original form. Sticking to the basics, the Major II is covered in time tested durable vinyl covering and proudly stamped with the iconic script logo, all giving a firm nod to the legacy of Marshall.


  • Major II offers phenomenal sound courtesy of its customised drivers. The result is deep bass and extended, detailed highs with a refined midrange for overall lower distortion.
  • Major II features collapsible construction. When you’re done using your headphones, fold ‘em up for easy transport and safe storage.
  • With increased flexibility, the ear caps can rotate more freely, adapting to the shape of your head for increased comfort during those long listening sessions.
  • An extra 3.5mm socket can be found on the ear cap, perfect for plugging in another pair of headphones and sharing your music with a friend.
  • Using Major II to receive phone calls and control music is a breeze. Click once to answer or hang up calls, play and pause, twice to fast-forward, three times to go back.

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