Bose Wave® music system IV

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On sale while stocks last. Powerful all-in-one unit. CD player, FM, DAB radio & speakers combined.

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On sale while stock lasts. Powerful all-in-one unit.

CD player, FM, DAB radio & speakers combined.

Waveguide speaker technology is the acclaimed Bose innovation that changed the audio industry. And it's in every one of our Wave® systems. These systems are easy to use and fit anywhere, but will fill a room with high-performance sound. Whether you're streaming music, listening to the radio or playing CDs, there's a Wave® system to play what you want.

Wave ®systems prove that powerful home stereos don’t have to be complex or oversized. Waveguide speaker technology is at the heart of the experience, delivering premium sound from compact systems that fit pretty much anywhere around the house. Advanced Bose electronics fine-tune the audio for accurate sound, producing a balanced, natural performance for all your music.

In the box:

  • Wave® SoundTouch® music system IV
  • 2.4 m (8 foot) AC power cable
  • (IR) Remote control (battery pre-installed)

Inputs / outputs:

  • Aux input
  • FM antenna
  • DAB antenna
  • Headphone jack