Yamaha NS-SW500 Subwoofer

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Yamaha NS-SW500 Subwoofer 

The NS-SW500 high-performance A-YST II subwoofer, will provide bass response to 20Hz - sound to stir the soul

250W power amp: Superb sound + low energy consumption

The subwoofer's 250-watt power amp makes full use of Yamaha's expertise in electronic circuit technology.

Delivering bass that's both deep and tight while drawing just 80 watts of electric power, it fully meets today's needs for quality sound and lower energy consumption.

Auto standby circuitry to reduce unnecessary power consumption

The subwoofer amplifier automatically switches into standby mode whenever it detects no input for an extended period. That means efficient energy use, even if you leave the power on.

Extensive use of high-quality components

Yamaha's uncompromising dedication to sound quality finds expression in each and every part used in the NS-SW500, all carefully selected for optimal performance.

Linear port for a sense of speed and clarity

The unique port design strictly controls airflow during bass reproduction.

This minimises port noise and further enhances the sensation of speed and clarity provided by the A-YST II system.

The result is high-quality bass, well delineated and without even a trace of muddiness.

Low standby power consumption

The NS-SW500 is designed with the environment in mind.

Power consumption in standby mode is only 0.3W, meeting the latest official European standards.

Worldwide compatibility via the connection panel

Connections include power supply linkage with the YSP series of digital sound projectors, making it easy to incorporate the NS-SW500 into your home theater system.

Yamaha's A-YST II : Bass reproduction that belies its size

  • Type Advanced YST II and QD-Bass Subwoofer
  • Driver 25cm(10'') cone
  • Dynamic Power 250 W
  • Frequency Response 20-160 Hz
  • Advanced YST Advanced YST II
  • QD-Bass Technology Front-firing
  • High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Yes
  • Linear Port Yes
  • BASS (Bass Action Selector System) Yes
  • Standby Power Consumption 0.3 W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 380 x 368 x 420 mm
  • Weight 18.5 kg

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